Attention, Home PC User

if you thought your internet connection was safe, read on...

Your Wireless Connection

can be hacked in less than twenty minutes

A Firewall

is not enough

Anti-Viral Software

is not enough


is not enough

The Risks And What's At Stake

Failing to address the issue of your personal security could easily leave your home computer open to attack from hackers.

Hackers are specifically targeting vulnerabilities in home PCs and networks connected to the internet.

Take a look now at How You Get Hacked

Protecting yourself online can save you a lot of heartache.

At Risk:

Bank Account

Credit Cards

Personal Photographs


Sensitive Documents

What You Can Do To Improve Online Security

Never use the default password and username on your router

Create strong passwords

Use the best firewall and anti-virus programme

Learn and understand about Phishing

Use WPA 2 encryption

Avoid WEP encryption